Use Your Profile Picture As Emoticon In Facebook Chat

Today we are going to see another feature in facebook that recently facebook introduced one of the coolest things ever in their Facebook Chat. For years we are using emoticons to express our feelings but now with this new Facebook People Emoticon Feature we can use any person’s, official page’s or event page’s display picture in Facebook chat.
Steps to Use Your Profile Picture As Emoticon In Facebook Chat :
Step-1 :
Just you need to have a Username for your profile, if you don’t have one then you can set your Facebook profile username here.

You can check the link of your profile and will find a number like this 100003262824948 You can use this instead of your username.
Now, Open the Chat box/Messages and in the text bar write, [[Username]] or [[Profile ID]] and hit Enter.
Example:  [[100003262824948]]   or   [[siva01sankar]]
Now enjoy with new Facebook People Emoticon / Smiley Feature !!
Facebook is dynamic growing company releasing new feature day by day , Now this feature "Profile Picture As Emoticon In Facebook Chat" has some limitation that these custom emoticons can be sent using Mobile devices however they cannot be viewed as graphics in the mobile, They will be displayed as the brackets with codes in the mobile view but on the desktop view they would appear normally. Keep visiting our blog and please leave your small comment below help me to increase my blogging skills.