Crazy Letters,Special Character and Symbols for Facebook|Twitter|Myspace

Almost everyone is on Facebook,Twitter and other Social Media Network these days. Here is a large collection of special letters, text effects,status and many more tips.

Special symbols are Unicode-encoded .You can find here funny Chinese signs, cross, peace symbol, cool skull, stars, and the list seems endless. People usually use them in Social Media Network or Blog or Website and others,So use your imagination and have fun, lucky.

Here is an list of Website|Link to create an Crazy letter, status and symbols for Facebook,Twitter, Orkut, MySpace 

Facebook Symbols


Text Symbols


Type Mirror

Mess Letters

Cool Chaser

Flip Text 

Zinger Bug

Above are top Link | Website to create an Special symbol,text effect,Character,Status, and an Special Symbol Generator. If you like this post please leave your feedback in below comment box. .