Lodge 4 Hacker is a place to Learn, Understand and Explore the facts of computer technology .This blog was basically started to make people aware of the latest computer threats and countermeasures. Hacking is not possible unless there are no Vulnerability or security holes. In this blog I speak about Vulnerability, Basic of Hacking, Ethical Hacking and many more. In this blog I'll share my views and ideas with you. This blog is wide open to suggestions and feedback. You are always welcome to contact me to give your suggestions and ideas

About M
SIVA SANKAR Hi! This is SIVA SANKAR, Founder of lodge4hacker.com a Small Blogger, Started Blogging as Hobby. I learned a Lot from Blogger.com by myself. I started  Lodge 4 Hacker  on 1st May-2011. I am a guest blogger in most of the blog and other social media network like Facebook, twitter, etc., from my school day, this is my first own blog which is completely managed and organized

I completed my Bachelors of Engineering (Computer Science Engineering) on April-2011 in Chennai, India. and my Master of Engineering (Embedded System Technologies) on 2013 in Tamilnadu, India. While doing my post graduation, then I did my intern-ship as Software Developer on Vasantham Technologies Pvt. Ltd, at Villupuram, Tamilnadu, India. After completing my graduation I joined as Web Developer on Casperon Technologies Pvt, Ltd, Chennai, India(2013 - Till )

I stopped writing blog at blogger.com, Now I am wrinting my post on Niralar. I am wondering that I stopped blogging from 2013(3 Years), Still getting traffic for this website. So I came back to update my about us page :)

Why the nameLodge 4 Hacker?
Form my school days I am interested in an computer game, Computer myth and hacking I tends to find what’s an evil background of an hacker’s and how they do such things by bypassing an authentication.so, I like to suggest an name which is belong to hacking finally the name Lodge 4 Hacker is suggested.

Last Update : 22-Feb-2016