Create File With Fixed Size and Type in Windows

Monday, 16 January 2012

Create File With Fixed Size and Type in Windows

Command Prompt is a non-graphical interface that allows you to interact with your operating system. Once you learn how to use command prompt and their commands, you can unleash supreme power and rule your computer! But really, you can do almost anything with cmd.
  1. Go to Start->All Programs->Accessories->Right Click on Command Prompt and Click "Run as Administrator
  2. Go to Directory on which you want to create that file in Command Prompt
  3. -------------- Command To Change Directory  -------------------
     Cd <Name of Directory>           (To Enter into Directory)
    Cd..                                    (To Exit From Current Directory)

  4. Now enter the command to create file with fixed size and type
  5. fsutil file createnew <file name> <size in bytes> 
     fsutil file createnew test.mp3 20000000000
    File is create in your specified directory !!
-------------------------------Descriprion of Fsutil Command--------------------------------
Fsutil is a command-line utility that you can use to perform many FAT and NTFS file system related tasks, such as managing reparse points, managing sparse files, dismounting a volume, or extending a volume. Because fsutil is quite powerful, it should only be used by advanced users who have a thorough knowledge of Windows XP. In addition, you must be logged on as an administrator or a member of the Administrators group in order to use fsutil.
---- Fsutil SubCommands----
8dot3name       8dot3name managment
behavior        Control file system behavior
dirty           Manage volume dirty bit
file            File specific commands
fsinfo          File system information
hardlink        Hardlink management
objectid        Object ID management
quota           Quota management
repair          Self healing management
reparsepoint    Reparse point management
resource        Transactional Resource Manager management
sparse          Sparse file control
transaction     Transaction management
usn             USN management
volume          Volume management

This tutorial not only shows how to Create File With Fixed Size and Type in Windows and also explains the use of most powerful command "fsutil". If you like  this post please give me a like on above facebook like box

Note:  FSUTIL utility requires administrative privileges.
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