Google Transparency Report Highlights Internet Censorship

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Google Transparency Report Highlights Internet Censorship

Google regularly receives requests from government agencies and federal courts around the world to remove content and hand over user data. So,Google has launched Transparency Report on September 2010 to show the number of government inquiries for information about users and requests to remove content from Google service like Web Search,Image,Profiles,Youtube,Blogger.

Government Requests page divided into sections to provide an user friendly navigation such as
  • Country Detail -It shows all content removal request on selected country
  • Map - It shows an report in an interactive manner that pin-drop in an map shows an short description about government request on that country
  • Content Removal Requests - It shows a number of content removal request from various country
  • User Data Requests - It shows a number of user data requests from various country
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Traffic tool displays the amount of traffic that different Google services get each day through an interactive chart, you can also see which services have gone down temporarily or have been permanently blocked by specific countries. For example, In Iran Google Videos are inaccessible and in Turkey Blogger is partially accessible.

China is not included in the Google Transparency Report.
Google explains the reason that “Chinese officials consider censorship demands as state secrets, so we cannot disclose that information at this time“