Alexa Ranking - Explained

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Alexa Ranking - Explained defines themselves as “The Web Information Company”,  Alexa rank is a measure of a website’s popularity. The website with the highest combination of visitors and pageviews is ranked #1. Theoretically, the lower the Alexa ranking, the more traffic, visitors and page views that website gets regularly.

Top Sites According to Alexa
1. Google
2. Facebook
3. YouTube
4. Yahoo!
5. Blogger

Where Does Alexa get its Ranking Data?
Alexa gets it ranking data from a number of web usage resources but their primary source of information is from users who have installed the Alexa toolbar. Internet and Technology websites tend to have a lower Alexa rank than other websites with the same number of web visitors due to the fact that users of those websites are more likely to have the Alexa toolbar installed than users of other websites. Alexa rankings are updated daily.

Who Uses Alexa Traffic Ranking?
  • An advertiser will first have a look on your Alexa rank to understand your blog capacity and Statistics
  • E-Bay auctions are using Alexa as proof they are selling a high traffic domain scripts are being made to calculate each website value based on Alexa ratings moreover reputable news websites are using Alexa data to write articles about the biggest website in the world!
  • If you want to sell ad space of your website through services like Text-Link-Ads and other services like that, you need a better Alexa Rankings
  • If you are writing sponsored articles for sites like reviewme, sponsoredreviews, payperpost then alexa ranking is a must need factor for getting higher amounts for writing paid reviews.

    How to  Increase Your Alexa Traffic Ranking?
    To increase your Alexa Traffic Ranking, you essentially need to increase your current web traffic. The assumption is that the higher your traffic, the more likely visitors utilizing the Alexa Traffic Ranking toolbar will visit your site. Additionally, you can install an Alexa Ranking widget for non-toolbar users to click on. It is unconfirmed that this in fact counts towards an increase in your Alexa Traffic Ranking, but many believe it does.One simplest way to increase the alexa ranking is to install alexa toolbar and visit your site regularly

    Additional Alexa Features
    Alexa Provide some additional features to increase traffic in your site, thus additional features are given below:
    Site Auditor
    Search Analytics
    Website Analytics
    Compare Websites
    List of Top Sites
    User Reviews
    Related Links
    Toolbar for Firefox
    Audience Information
    Contact Info

    E-Books to increase your site traffic: