Hack Website|Web Server Using b374k Shell

Monday, 2 July 2012

Hack Website|Web Server Using b374k Shell

Web server can refer to either the hardware (the computer) or the software (the computer application) that helps to deliver Web content that can be accessed through the Internet
Web shell is a shell (like bash or dos) that runs over web (http protocol). Every web programming language like PHP, ASP, CGI, and others are supporting a system interaction. Through this interaction method, we can access to system shell, but in this case, we just need a Web Browser.
Here, we going to see about b374k shell...

b374k Shell Features :
With b374k shell, we can manage any data or folder, or even system command easily over Web GUI Interface. In this case, we use webshell for good purpose, just for learning and developing. Some features are :
  1. Easily Managing Folder and Files
  2. Executing shell command
  3. Database Manager
  4. Backdooring over Netcat
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How to use b374k shell :
b374k shell is a single file(.php) that you can upload easily like other file. There are various ways to upload shell in web server like,
  • Cross-site scripting
  • SQL Injection
  • Remote File Inclusion
  • Shell Jumping , etc...,
b374k shell can be used by all types of hacker such as Black Hat Hacker, Grey Hat Hacker,White Hat Hacker. Even some people use to upload this shell for managing their file/folder easily.

Mirror1 - (Google Code)
Mirror2 - (Lodge4Hacker)   :  b374k-2.2

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