Best Browser-Based P2P File Sharing Sites

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Best Browser-Based P2P File Sharing Sites

"Technology Rules the World". Everyone knows technology has taken over the world and has forever changed the way we communicate, connect, share information and transferring files. In those days we want to transfer a file to another we use an email to transfer it but supports only limited amount of size(Up-to 10 MB). and then an online file hosting websites are arrived that too have some limitation limited storage space, maximum file size allowed for transfer or expiry time to collect the file. At last, Now P2P File Sharing Sites are introduced  to overcome this limitation!!
What is Peer to Peer ?
Peer-to-peer file sharing or commonly known as P2P is a convenient way of sharing files over the internet. However, you must be very careful when using P2P because some of the files uploaded to the internet have viruses, spyware and other threats that can harm your PC, So transfer your file only with your friends.
List of Best Browser-Based P2P File Sharing Sites
Files Over Miles
FilesOverMiles is a direct file sharing tool for quickly and securely sending files over the internet. There is no installation or sign up and transferred files are not stored anywhere.

PipeBytes is favorite web-based P2P file sharing service. There’s no upload limit and your friend could start downloading the file as you upload it.

JetBytes is an experimental direct file transfer tool that lets you quickly send files over the net. The application creates direct link between sender and receiver and does not store files during the transfer

Dushare is a simple direct file-transfer service. It makes sending unlimited file sizes between two people as simple as a clicking a link


xFiles is a P2P based file transfer service that completely eliminates all of these risks. Just head over to xFiles and choose the file you want to transfer. Once you have selected the file, you will instantly be provided with a URL that you can send to the desired recipient. Once they go to the URL and click claim, the file will start downloading to their computer.

Above  Browser-Based P2P File Sharing Sites are the best Site from my analysis. I always preferred to use Files Over Miles its working good. If you like this post leave a small comment and likes here. . .
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