Creating IM Bot Using IMified with PHP

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Creating IM Bot Using IMified with PHP

Instant messaging (IM) is a form of real-time direct text-based communication between two or more people using personal computers or other devices, along with shared clients. The user's text is conveyed over a network, such as the Internet. More advanced instant messaging software clients also allow enhanced modes of communication, such as live voice or video calling.

IM bot is a bot program that uses instant messaging as an application interface. IM users can add the name of the IM bot to their buddy list. Because the bot uses artificial intelligence, the end user thinks that he is talking to a real person and can forget that he is actually just querying a database. Some IM bots are able to connect to outside databases

IMified platform allows anyone with basic web programming skills to quickly and easily create and run an IMR (Interactive Messaging Response) application more commonly known as a "BOT" on public IM networks client like Google Talk, AIM, MSN, Windows Live, Jabber and Twitter.
Steps to create IM Bot using php
Here, I given steps to create a personal IM bot using php.
✔ Go to and register a new account.

✔ Now create a bot with your favorite server side programming language like PHP, Perl, Python or any other language.
Example :
switch ($_REQUEST['step']) {
case 1:
echo "Hi, what's your name?";
case 2:
echo "Hi " . $_REQUEST['value1'] . ", where do you live?";
case 3:
echo "Well, Welcome to Hacker's Lodge, " . $_REQUEST['value1'] . "<br>from " . $_REQUEST['value2'] . ".<reset>";

✔ Once your bot script is ready, put it somewhere on your web server and note the url of your bot in web server
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✔ Now login to your imified account, and click "create a new bot". Fill the following field to complete your bot creation
Bot Name : General identifier for your bot
Example : Hacker's Lodge
Screen Name : To get you started we'll give you your own screen name that is accessible via Gtalk and Jabber. You can add other networks to your bot after its created.
Example :
Bot URL : Enter the url of your bot that you uploaded in web server.
Example :
That's it, Now your IM bot is created!!.
✔ Finally add bot to your IM friends list and enjoy chat with your bot. This is a simple bot creation steps, you can a create your own bot to do things for you. Imified provides you a feature to connect bot to your existing IM account.
Imified provides a best platform to create your own Innovative And Inspiring bot,which helps you to do things faster. If you like this post please give your feedback with few lines in a below comment box.