Google Insights for SEO Campaign

Friday, 8 July 2011

Google Insights for SEO Campaign

Google Insights for Search is a google service providing insights to the search terms. Unlike Google Trends, Google Insights for Search provides a visual representation of regional interest on a country's map. It displays top searches and rising searches that may help with keyword research.

Keyword research is a practice used by search engine optimization professionals to find and research actual search terms people enter into the search engines when conducting a search. Search engine optimization professionals research keywords in order to achieve better rankings in their desired keywords

Google Insights provides SEO information on the most searched associated keywords and provides a list of the fastest rising related words and new related keywords that may be worth targeting.Google Insights for Search is a tremendous tool for webmasters. You have the option of performing search with many alternatives. This gives you a deep insight in to how a particular Keyword has moved over days/months and years. The representation is also region and category specific.Google Insights allows you to track the popularity of a keyword of your choice over a set time frame and see how it has performed and what patterns it has shown in the past. Google Insights also allows you to see the popularity of your keyword by country or by area of your chosen country.
Feature of Google Insights for Search
Category refers to a classification of industries or markets, which are commonly referred to as verticals. For example, the Entertainment/Music category may include music genres, recording artists, recordings, performances, instruments, and music-related merchandise.When you select a particular category, the data for your search term will be restricted to that category.

Seasonality or Rising searches highlight searches that have experienced significant growth in a given time period, with respect to the preceding time period. So if you're comparing data for a search term during 2006, the time period serving as the basis of comparison is 2005.

Geographic distribution
Geographic distribution is a feature in google insight where you can see how search volume/keyword is distributed across regions and cities.For example, the keyword Dhoni (Indian Cricket player) has more popular search in india than other countries

Google insight provides a analysed data/report in an visulazied manner through a Animated heat map and Embeddable charts
Benefit of Using Google Insight
  • Examining seasonality
  • Creating brand associations
  • Determining a new market
  • Choosing advertising messages
  • Identifying Current trends
  • Keyword Research
  • Improving business performance
  • Increase traffic in sites

Nowadays, In a competition world keyword plays an important role in marketing, advertising and search engine. Analyzing is essential before choosing a good keyword/search term.
“Use better keywords for better site traffic, branding and marketing”