Create a Log File Using Notepad

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Create a Log File Using Notepad

Log files are the files which save the data with the timestamp. It makes your work better and organized way, you can see the specific data recorded on the specific date & time.
Microsoft Notepad is a word processing tool included with Windows and is installed by default under the Accessories program group. You can use it to create a log-type file that adds the current date and time each time the Notepad file is opened. This article describes how to create a log file with Notepad.

Here are the steps to create a log file using notepad.
  • Open Notepad from Start menu or Press Win-key +R > type notepad
  • In the first line, type .LOG (Remember the point first)
  • Save the file with any name.
Now, whenever you open this file, the time-stamp will automatically appear for the current time and date and you can type whatever data you want.
Above picture is an log file of my blog entry shows date and time that when my article posted in my blog.

Log files are mainly used to record a data with time and date. Server creates an log file to monitor an client activity and some softwares create logfiles themselves to server the data to the software as well as to the software developers.This are some applications of log files. If you like this article make a small feedback in below comment box.

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