Google Translate Widget to Blog|Website

Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Google Translate Widget to Blog|Website

One Way of increasing traffic for your blog or website is adding a translation widget that enables the visitors from different parts of the world to read your articles or posts in their respective languages. Further, having a language translator tool makes your site more user-friendly and bring additional readers and fans to your site.

Here are the steps that how to add Google Translate Widget to your Blog/Website:

  • Go to the following website:

  • In Step 1,Choose type of Translation Element depending upon your Usage
  1. Add translation to the entire webpage
  2. Add translation to a section of the webpage
  • In Step 2, Select the Original language (Default Language).
  • In Step 3,Click on Show Optional Settings, and you'll be able to see Additional settings. You'll be able to choose which language you want to be translate, the widgets display and some other settings are there.

    • In Step 4, Code as been generated for your required setting ,If you need to add an widgets to your blogger just click on the Add to Blogger button it directly adds widget to your Blogger 
    • Now Copy the code generated and Paste in your Website or Blog