Office 2010 Activator or Keygen

Friday, 6 May 2011

Office 2010 Activator or Keygen


This is a set of tools and functions for managing licensing and activating Office 2010. All information from using these functions is displayed in the Information Console. All functions are run in the background and the GUI is disabled to prevent running multiple functions, as this could conflict or damage Office 2010. For information about individual functions, read further below.

How to activate Office 2010
  • Open the office 2010 toolkit.
  • After opening the activator, in the main tab there is an ez-activator button. Click it. Then wait until you will see the message "Office 2010 was successfully activated"
  • After you got that message go to the activation tools tab..
  • when you clicked the acyivation tools button you will see there the office 2010 autoKMS. Just click the the install button and wait until you will see the message "AutoKMS was successfully installed" after that message
Your office 2010 is activated... :)

If problem arises Right Click "Office2010 Toolkit" and click "Troubleshoot Compatibility" and click "Try Recommend Settings" (This action Recommend for windows 7).

Office 2010 Toolkit 2.0 download mirror